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Hey everyone, Volume 1 of my Ziva VFX course is out on Gnomon. If you’re looking to get into tissue simulation in Maya, this would be a great place to start. I go through the basics in volume 1 and focus on getting you production ready for Ziva VFX.

DISCOUNT CODE: MADHAV20 Offer: 20% off the first month of a new Monthly Subscription or 20% off the first year of a new Annual Subscription. Expires: May 14, 2023

Learn the basics of Ziva VFX with a focus on building deformation rigs and developing workflow practices to help you quickly create production-ready creatures and characters. Instructor Madhav Shyam, Creature Supervisor at Ghost VFX, covers all the essential aspects of modeling, rigging and animation that you need to know to create realistic results.

With the modeling basics covered, Madhav dives into building an arm simulation rig from scratch. For this exercise, he uses the Sorceress Supreme model from Marcus Whinney as the base. The focus then shifts briefly to utilizing Python scripting in Maya to assist with the builds, before jumping into the final segment of the workshop: wrapping the asset and simulating the tissue. Using Ziva’s anatomy transfer tool, Madhav teaches how you can quickly morph their free assets into your own custom characters.

This workshop aims to teach all the necessary skills you need to build a production-ready Ziva simulation rig. In addition to the Sorceress Supreme model by Marcus Whinney, Madhav also uses the free Mr. Ink asset available from the Ziva store to those with an active Ziva VFX license.

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