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GHOST SPOTLIGHT: Madhav Shyam, Creature Supervisor (Copenhagen) • LINK BELOW

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

"I got to do a lot of interesting work recently, on Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery. We had the privilege of bringing to life 'Molly' the space slug and the monster from the Su’Kal episode. Molly’s work largely involved around creating a realistic tissue simulation that would add to the already fantastic work done by our animators. The end goal was to create a believable and organic, giant space slug. The monster from Su’Kal had more complex work done in rigging to support both body and facial performance capture, while also assisting our FX team with their needs. The work we did on Star Trek: Discovery has earned our team an Emmy nomination and we’re very proud of that."

Ghost VFX is an award-winning visual effects house with innovative talent and technology that bring creative visions to life. Our dedicated teams around the globe make the impossible possible, fulfilling the demands of studios and independent creators alike. Our “Ghost Spotlight” series showcases the team members behind the projects - what they’re passionate about, how they see the industry evolving, and their creative insights into the art and craft of visual effects.

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